What should you ask the breeder?

The breeder can ask questions about health, problems, care and education, but also the buyer can contact the breeder if he has questions.

The breeder invests a lot of time, effort, love and money in raising the puppies and will always be happy to answer questions about the breeding of the breed.

What distinguishes a reputable Doberman breeder?

A trustworthy breeder is almost always in a breeding association that controls him. Before you get a dog from him, he will allow you to look around, you will get to know the parents or at least the mother. Also, you can look at the environment and the breeder will be available to advise you before and after the purchase. He will gladly show you pedigrees, breeding certificates, veterinary findings and much more. The animal is in the foreground with him, the puppies are vaccinated and socialized. He has a great interest in his puppies being placed in loving hands.

How can you recognize a healthy Doberman puppy?

The breeder will use only healthy animals in the mating, whose examination results do not show any flaw and who have a balanced nature. In addition, he does everything possible to support the pregnant mother and regularly has her health checked by the vet.

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