Considerations before buying a puppy

There are a few things to consider if you want to get a small Doberman for your home, starting with choosing a good breeder and being honest with yourself. As much as you want a Doberman of your own, you should also put a lot of effort into answering the question of whether you can live up to the responsibilities of being a keeper of this great breed.

To ensure that your life with your dream dog is crowned with success and that your new companion settles in well in your home, you should definitely give some thought to the following points:

– Have all family members been involved in the decision? Does everyone agree with the purchase of the Doberman puppy?

– Does any member of the family have allergies or the potential to develop an allergy to animal dander?

– How many hours would the dog need to be left alone?

– Do you have a plan B for holiday and sickness care?

– Do you realise that you are taking responsibility for your Doberman for at least 10-13 years?

– What does your daily routine look like? Can you devote enough time to your Dobermann?

– Can you take several weeks off to acclimatise your Doberman puppy?

– Do you have enough time every day to devote to training your little Doberman? Puppy classes and dog school lay the foundations, but your little puppy needs a consistent set of rules, he still has to learn to be house-trained and to walk on a lead.

– Do you have a problem with your little Doberman puppy going indoors at first? Especially in the beginning this can happen quite often. You will also need to pick up your dog’s droppings outside, even or especially when your dog is an adult.

– Do you currently live in a clinically clean home? Then you should think about a dog leaving hair on the couch, toys in the hallway or dirt on the floor. Can you handle having to constantly clean up after your four-legged friend?

– Are you more of a couch potato? Your Doberman needs a lot of exercise and at least three walks a day. Since Dobermans are very intelligent dogs, it is important to find the perfect mix between mental work and physical activity. Only then will you have a happy dog at home. For a dog as sporty as a Doberman, you need to calculate a minimum of 3 hours per day.

– What about your financial situation? Just like children, dogs are also a cost factor. Am I able to cope with unexpected costs, such as vet bills?

Have you thought about where you want to buy your little Doberman puppy? Make sure you only shortlist reputable breeders! You should not let yourself be guided primarily by the price. The first search can be done on the Internet, where you will find pet classifieds, hobby breeders, puppies with or without papers, club breeders, Dobermans in need, etc. It is not easy to make a decision. It is not easy to make a decision, especially as a beginner.

If you want a puppy, let me tell you: If you want to save a few euros, you should not do this at the wrong end. Many Doberman puppies that are offered to you at a low price have often been bred in an uncontrolled way and bring health problems with them. The Doberman is a very popular dog breed and so-called “breeders” know how to take advantage of this. They produce masses of puppies to sell and they do not pay any attention to genetics, breeding hygiene or health in the matings. Often the unvaccinated animals are then severely affected in health and even suffer from dangerous or even fatal diseases.

You should refrain from buying a puppy if:

The puppy is offered at a very low price.
You are not allowed to see the mother and the whelping box and are offered to take the animal home instead.

You are told to take the puppy home immediately and are, so to speak, talked into taking it.

The animals are sold at a local pet market or rest area.
You are offered other breeds.

What distinguishes a reputable Doberman breeder?

A trustworthy breeder is almost always in a breeding association that controls him. Before you get a dog from him, he will allow you to look around, you will get to know the parents or at least the mother. You can also look at the environment and the breeder will give you advice before and after the purchase. He will be happy to show you pedigrees, breeding certificates, vet reports and much more. The animal is his priority, the puppies are vaccinated and socialised. He is very interested in placing his puppies in loving hands.

How can you recognise a healthy Doberman puppy?

When mating, the breeder will only use healthy animals whose examination results show no blemishes and who have a balanced nature. In addition, he does everything possible to support the pregnant mother and has her health checked regularly by the vet.

Characteristics of a healthy puppy:

Smooth, well-groomed coat
Slightly moist, clear eyes
Soft, clean ears without odour
No nasal discharge
No odour from the mouth
Curious, lively, agile
No lame limbs/no limping
No bloated belly (worms!)
No droppings on the anus
Pink gums
Curious and joyful when approaching visitors and the breeder
Plays and scuffles with littermates
The puppy can be touched and is relaxed and/or in a playful mood.

You should bear in mind that puppies also need a lot of sleep. Your Doberman puppy may have been running around all day and needs to rest. If he lies relaxed in the corner and sleeps, which is perfectly fine. On the other hand, an apathetic, limp-looking puppy can be just as sick. If in doubt, it is best to ask the breeder and visit the puppy again.

What vaccinations does my Doberman puppy need?

To protect your puppy from dangerous dog diseases right from the start, basic immunisation is essential. Depending on the age of your puppy, the vaccination status will be advanced accordingly. However, you should not take in a dog that is younger than 9 weeks. The breeder will give you the vaccination certificate when you pick up your puppy. It tells you when the puppy was vaccinated against what and when the next booster is due.

The following vaccinations are standard:

Kennel cough

What about a contract of sale?

As a rule, you will conclude a contract of sale for the puppy with a trustworthy breeder. The following key points can be included:

Kennel name
Name and address (breeder/seller and buyer)
Litter date
Studbook number
Microchip number
Medical certificates and documents
Any deviations from the breed standard
Veterinary certified health status
Further papers
Purchase price and method of payment
Possibly a right of repurchase, right of visitation, first right of purchase for offspring

What is a reasonable price for a Doberman puppy?

A dog from a registered breeder is certainly more expensive than a puppy from an amateur breeder. If the little Doberman does not meet the breed standard 100%, this could lead to a price reduction.

Are there Doberman puppies to give away?

If you read something like this, you should be on your guard. Why is the animal being given away for free? There is the infinitesimal possibility that the owners of a well-socialised and well-behaved Doberman will want a new home for it. This would be virtually a once-in-a-lifetime chance. However, it is much more likely that the animal shows behavioural problems and the owners are overwhelmed. In other words, they want to get rid of the animal.

Multipliers and Doberman puppies? Please don’t!

Keep away from so-called “car boot puppies” or puppy markets, because you will not be happy with the animals. In such a case, it is better to inform the police, because a Doberman puppy from breeders is too expensive even as a gift and the authorities should be informed.

What justifies the price of a puppy from a reputable Doberman breeder?

A good breeder has a lot of work, invests a lot of time and of course money in his breeding. In order to give his puppies a good start in life and to ensure that they are healthy, he has to bear the following costs:

Club membership
Entry fees for shows and tests
Participation fees for training courses
Running costs, e.g. electricity, water, food, accessories, grooming,
Veterinary examinations for all breeding animals
Worm and flea cures
Breeding costs
Special food for pregnant bitch and later also her puppies
Veterinary supervision during pregnancy and birth
Time invested in socialisation, habituation, grooming, walks, training, etc.
Costs for retired breeding dogs or puppies that have not been sold
Travel costs, advertising, classifieds, phone calls, etc.

In comparison, the breeders’ profit is often negligible. The joy of the breed is in the foreground.

What should I buy before moving in with my puppy?

Once you have decided on a Doberman puppy, you usually have to wait until the little one is at least 9 weeks old. During this time you can purchase the initial equipment for your puppy. It is advisable to get accessories that grow with the puppy, because the puppy will grow too.

These are the things you need:

Sturdy leash
Dog bed
Food bowl
Drinking bowl
Grooming accessories (brushes, tick tongs, etc.)
Food (at first the breeder’s usual food, then slowly changed if desired)
Toys (balls, chew toys, dummies, etc.)
Treats for training
Droppings bag
Newspaper or puppy litter tray and many rolls of kitchen paper, as your puppy is not yet house-trained.