Doberman – the temperamental creature

Elegant and sleek in appearance, the modern Doberman has changed little to this day since Frederick Doberman first bred it, only it is no longer bred to produce fear.

The result of crosses of German Pinschers and Rottweilers, with touches of Manchester Terriers and perhaps German Pointers (Greyhounds and Weinmaraners might also be involved), is a large, muscular, powerful dog with a watchful, alert look.

Today he is often used as a guard dog. His intelligence and learning ability have made him a popular police and guide dog. He is very successful in competitions and agility training.

He is also popular as a house dog, but makes high demands on the owner. Today he is less fearful than the first breedings, but still a guard dog breed.

Therefore, the Doberman can be aggressive to other dogs, cautious and suspicious of strangers. These characteristics, along with its tremendous physical strength, make early, consistent, and regular training, as well as education by an experienced dog, aware of its power and eliminate any behavioral problems long before they become problems.

Anyone choosing a puppy should make careful inquiries about the pedigree.

A well-behaved Doberman is an excellent and obedient companion. Nevertheless, it is unsuitable for owners with small children or someone who is not firm enough to give the dog the amount of exercise it needs.


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