What to consider for Doberman puppies?

You have finally decided for a Doberman puppy and are looking for your perfect four-legged partner? The most important thing is where the little one comes from. The environment in which he spent the first weeks of his life and the nature of the parents. If you want a family dog, your Doberman puppy should have grown up with children.

Doberman puppies are only available in two recognized colors: black with rust red and brown with rust red as a separate variety. Off colors like blue (attenuated black) and Isabell colors (attenuated reddish brown) also exist. However, these have a tendency to skin diseases and must not be used for further breeding.

Not much of the later elegant dog is yet to be seen in the small, clumsy Doberman puppies. The legs are short, the baby fat is obvious and they look a bit helpless. But with about one year they look like you imagine a real Doberman.

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