If your best friend travels

When animals go on a journey, experience is what counts. In dealing with animals and humans. In preparation, planning, organization and timing.

rules, regulations and permits from health certificates to CITES (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) inspections and the selection of the optimal animal transport boxes.

important for the planning are

The dog’s current state of health –  inform you in detail and in good time about all the necessary documents.The selection of a suitable and sufficiently spacious transport box for the dog. In particular, breed differences are very important, which should definitely be taken into account when choosing the right transport box.

For example, a fighting dog needs a special transport box, which is also used for wolves and other wild animals. The right transport box is crucial for the well-being of your dog during the flight and must fit your dog exactly in terms of structure and size.

Often dog owners think that the transport boxes from puppyhood would still be enough, but there must be enough space for the animal to stand upright.


Large dogs like the Doberman are very different in size, weight and also in their species. It is essential to consider these differences when it comes to choosing the right and suitable special boxes.