Is a Doberman very high maintenance?

No, on the contrary. The short coat with no undercoat requires very little grooming and does not need daily attention, as is often the case with long-haired dogs. The Doberman is perfectly happy with extensive brushing every few days. A curry comb or soft brush is enough to rid the coat of dust and dirt and make it shine beautifully. At the same time, grooming stimulates circulation and promotes blood flow and sebum production.

The Doberman is one of the dog breeds that generally have very little hair, but you should still not be a fanatic about cleanliness. Dog hair on furniture and floor belong with dog in the house just to the everyday life. Who would like to reduce the hair to an absolute minimum, can the Dobi calmly once daily strongly durchbürsten.

In addition, as mentioned above, there are other care procedures that you should include in your daily routine. Eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, paws and claws may be briefly checked once a day and cleaned as needed. This often only takes a few minutes, but makes an important contribution to the well-being and good appearance of your Doberman.

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