How was the Doberman bred?

A gendarme dog from Apolda

Friedrich Dobermann wanted to breed a solid guard dog. For this he needed intrepid, courageous and self-confident dogs with a certain sharpness. Thus, in the beginning, his dogs were downright aggressive, very tough and vigilantly guarded house and yard.

When was the Doberman bred?
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In 1899 some breeders founded the Dobermann Pinscher Club Apolda. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the breed has been recognized as an official police dog, and because of its noble appearance, it was called the Gendarme Dog.

Is the Doberman a dangerous dog?
He is often kept to protect the house and as a reliable friend. He is usually the favorite of the family and will defend them to the death. However, with the wrong education, the Doberman can turn into an aggressive dog, which is then extremely dangerous.

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