What is the ideal way to prepare for a Doberman?

What is the ideal way to prepare for a Doberman?
Like all puppies, once the Doberman arrives in its new home, it also wants to explore it inquisitively. Therefore, even before buying the Doberman puppy, some things should be taken into account. As he grows taller quite rapidly, he will accordingly get to objects that are a bit higher. It will be an ease to reach these things and possibly damage them.

Therefore, before buying it is recommended to remove all sources where danger could lurk. Likewise, valuable items should be removed so that the four-legged addition cannot damage anything. Here are some tips to consider in advance:

Sockets should be safe (child safety lock)
Stow all cables in channels provided for this purpose
secure balcony and terrace
use doorstops – danger of injury in case of draught
place poisonous plants in a place inaccessible to the dog
waste container should be well closed
avoid sharp-edged places in the apartment
remove small parts, because the Doberman could swallow them
if the Doberman can open doors, please close them
place household cleaners, chemicals and medicines out of reach of the Doberman
What can the new owner of a Doberman expect?

A Doberman as a pet also means a lot of responsibility at the same time. Nevertheless, the faithful four-legged friend is a lot of fun and living together is incredibly enjoyable. Who can invest the time to deal with the dog abundantly and welcome it as a member of the family, gets a dog that is always loyal and enriches life infinitely.

Those who know this breed know that the Doberman is loyal, intelligent and cuddly. He doesn’t give in to his humans and will certainly not disappoint them.

How much time does a Doberman need?

A Doberman needs a lot of activity. Only when he is fully occupied, he allows himself the well-deserved rest or sufficient sleep. The Doberman is very powerful and wants to be presented with tasks. Here, for example, tug-of-war and search games are suitable for home, also you can teach him various tricks.

If there is a possibility to visit a dog school with him, this would be very advantageous. There he learns apart from agility also different dog sports, plays with other dogs and has besides much fun thereby.

To make all this possible, there should be enough time, not forgetting that the Doberman also wants to be fed and cared for.

So you do not take any risk during walks

A Doberman needs enough exercise, time to romp and sniff around. Therefore, you should walk him at least three times a day. You should make sure that the routes are far enough to give the dog enough exercise.

But also during the daily walks there are some things to consider, so that animal and owner remain as stress-free as possible:

always keep the Doberman on a leash except on secured terrain
do not let anything eat from the ground because of poison bait
be careful when in contact with strange dogs
Even when running short errands, never leave the dog alone in the car, no matter how low you think the temperature is-when it’s hot, it can quickly face an agonizing death.


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