typical diseases of the Doberman

Breed-typical diseases of the Doberman.
The formerly quite frequent hereditary diseases of the heart muscle have decreased in the meantime. However, unfortunately, it can still happen that your Doberman gets sick.

The same is true for hip dysplasia, which only occurs in exceptional cases.

The Dancing Dobermann Disease is a rare nerve disorder, which occurs so only in the Dobermann and other Pinschers. Due to a temporary paralysis of whole muscle parts the dog gets a slightly prancing and disturbance-prone gait. The disease is incurable, but can be well delayed with appropriate therapy.

The Blue Dobermann Syndrome is a rare genetic defect. As a result, the animals show the rare coat colors “Isabell” and “Blue”. Even if these animals look very beautiful at first, the coat has clear defects. In the worst case, it simply falls out with increasing age. Carriers of the gene are excluded from official Doberman breeding.

This list is completed by the hypothyroidism, which occurs more often in the Doberman.

hereditary heart muscle diseases
Dancing Dobermann Disease
Blue Dobermann Syndrome
Hip joint dysplasia

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